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Michael Conroy leads us on a remarkable tour de force of the development of certification systems and their impact on business sectors from forest products to retailers. His book is instructive reading for business leaders and civil activists alike.

—Travis Engen, former President and CEO, Alcan Inc.

An intriguing set of stories that depict the growing "age of corporate accountability." Branded! is required reading for every global business and NGO senior manager. Conroy surveys the past,exposes the present--and forecasts the "collaborative standards" on which corporations will be certified and ultimately valued by investors, employees, consumers and civil society.

—Barbara Fiorito, Board Chair, Oxfam America Advocacy Fund, and Board Chair, Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International

I highly recommend Branded! as the best analysis I have ever seen of how and why sustainability certification is helping to transform the global marketplace. Michael Conroy looks at the warts as well as the successes, and gives a fair assessment of the prospects for certification over the long haul.

—Barbara Bramble, Senior Advisor for International Affairs, National Wildlife Federation, and Board Chair, Forest Stewardship Council

Branded! is a must read for everyone who ever wondered how to use their purchasing power to transform the behavior of giant corporations. Drawing on a wealth of insider knowledge, Conroy weaves a riveting tale of the people and strategies that have brought us fair trade coffee, certified wood, sweatshop-free apparel, eco-tourism and more. His cogent analysis suggests the "certification revolution" has only just begun.

—Fran Korten, Publisher, YES! Magazine

Branded! is a must read for everyone interested in shaping more accountable corporate social responsibility standards and practices--ensuring that the economic metrics tell the whole truth about producing commodities, goods and services--and for those in the global justice and sustainability movement.

—J.Gabriel Lopez, Director of Global Strategies, The World Conservation Union

An exhaustive and rich account of global branding campaigns designed to usher in an era of, in Conroy's words, environment and social "corporate accountability." Is it in global corporations' self-interest to act as environmental and social stewards? Conroy's book provides an insider's account of the answer to this question by assessing NGO efforts to 'certify' companies who agree to behave according to a set of "on the ground" standards, to target and shame non-compliers. Branded! will be indispensable to scholars and practitioners alike who care about understanding how market incentives can transform corporate behavior. Michael Conroy's Branded! will be required reading for my class on corporate social responsibility.

—Benjamin Cashore, Professor, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University

Branded! illuminates through the knowledgeable lens of practice and applied analysis the emerging force of collaboratively-developed standards and certification initiatives as the 21st century's grass-roots driven approach to global governance.

—Simon Zadek, Chief Executive of AccountAbility, Senior Fellow at J F Kennedy School for Government at Harvard University, and author of the award-winning book, The Civil Corporation

As Branded! goes to print, a global network of NGOs is living the story told by Dr.Conroy and trying to bring accountability to the mining sector. The net result should be a guilt-free wedding ring, new incentives to mine right, and more accountability where it matters--in communities.

—Stephen D'Esposito, president and executive director, Earthworks